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15 Photos Proving That the Royal Family Members Are Just Like Us After All

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 21 June 2018


The word royal itself makes us think of a luxuries life. Even though the British Royal family no longer has any political influence, they still follow the same rules from the past and they’ve kept the lifestyle as well. You’ve probably seen or at least hear about the last royal wedding?

It was a true sensation for a reason. The event was televised all over the world, and the royal family had to pay a small fortune for it too.

But this is not news by any means. We all know how a Kings and Queens live. It’s the other side of the story that’s more interesting in this case. Because at the end of the day, the Royal family are just humans just like all of us.

They do ordinary things and we’ve made a list to show that the family members are just like us in many ways.

1They do care about the environment


The Royal family cares about the environment as we all should! As you can notice in the picture above, Prince Harry is making sure that our Planet is filled with trees. He probably just threw few shovels for the media but thought truly matters in this case.

They do care about the environment.

Image Source: faporbaz.me

2Self-defense practice


Prince Harry is hardly ever going to be in a position to protect himself. He’s constantly surrounded by many security guards. However, he can work on his self-defense abilities if he wants to, and it seems like that’s exactly what he’s doing in the picture above.

Self-defense practice.

Image Source: tecword.info

3Receiving flowers


Ladies love flowers and that’s a fact! But what if you’re the Queen of England? Is that going to change the way you feel about receiving flowers? Of course not, because we can notice in the picture above, the Queen seems to be super excited.

Receiving flowers.

Image Source: abcnews.go.com

4Hard work is hard work


We often only imagine the perks of being part of the Royal family. Great life, fame, security and many more. But it’s not like the family members are free of any hard-work activities. Even if it’s just a hobby, they’re not shy to flex their muscles at all.

Hard work is hard work.

Image Source: brightside.me

5Special dress-code for kids


Kids don’t look forward to wearing suits or anything formal. But if you’re a kid in the Royal family, that’s something you simply have to get used to. However, it’s not all bad as it seems. Wearing sweet little caprices is allowed and encouraged, and that’s a great thing!

Special dress-code for kids.

Image Source: brightside.me


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