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Did Rihanna Really Dump Her Billionaire Boyfriend Because She is Tired of Men?

By KK Angus, 18 June 2018


Reports emerged recently that Rihanna has broken up with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel for a pretty weird reason. Hassan and Rihanna have been going pretty strong for a while now. They had even been spotted vacationing together and Rihanna was clearly happy with him. But reports suggest that Rihanna is done with Hassan and is no longer seeing him and in fact, their split might not have been amicable.

Rihanna has a complicated personal life and has had quite a few difficult relationships. But Hassan was a real hit with Rihanna’s fans as he clearly made Rihanna happy. But reports suggest that Rihanna left Hassan as she is sick of the relationship. More specifically, she often gets tired of men. You might relate to Rihanna but some of her fans haven’t been able to. Did she really dump Hassan because she gets bored of men?

1Who is Hassan Jameel?


Hassan is a Saudi Arabian billionaire and heir to one of the richest families in the world. He is the deputy president and vice chairman of the Saudi Arabia-based family-run conglomerate, Abdul Latif Jameel Company. Not only does this company operate in over 28 countries all around the world, but Hassan also has a stellar net worth right now.

Who is Hassan Jameel?

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2When did Rihanna meet Hassan?


It is not exactly known where they met but they were first spotted getting intimate in a pool at an Ibiza hotel. The pictures stunned Rihanna’s fans as they had no idea she was seeing Hassan. Many even concluded that it was just a fling but surprisingly, Rihanna and Hassan have been inseparable since then. Moreover, their relationship seemed to be moving fast, as they vacationed all over the world and were hardly keeping their love a secret.

When did Rihanna meet Hassan?

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3Were they engaged?


Rihanna spent last Christmas with Hassan and fans were curious about the status of their relationship when they spotted a diamond ring on Rihanna’s ring finger. Though it could have been an accessory, fans predicted that considering how fast Rihanna and Hassan had been moving, an engagement was a very real possibility.

Were they engaged?

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4Why fans loved Hassan


Rihanna’s fans have often wanted her to date someone who is not from the showbiz industry. Not only is Hassan not from the industry, but he and Rihanna share a lot of humanitarian interests. They both own quite a few charities. Hassan is the President of a charity called Community Jameel which is an organisation helping hard-working individuals with limited means and resources.

Why fans loved Hassan

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5Rihanna - the humanitarian


Rihanna, is of course, famous for all the work she does for the underprivileged. She was named Harvard University’s Humanitarian of the Year 2017, and has her own charity named Clara Lionel Foundation, which works towards global health issues. She also supports a number of important associations all over the world and often talks about her charities.

Rihanna - the humanitarian

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6The absence


Though Rihanna is known to be private about her relationships, fans were worried when they did not get to see enough of Rihanna and Hassan together in the last couple of months. The last time they were seen together in public was at a Grammy after-party but that was months ago and since then they have not been spotted together.

The absence

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7Tired of men


A source told the media that Rihanna simply dumped Hassan as she is quite bored of men in general. “It was a good relationship, but now it’s over. Of course Rihanna broke his heart. That’s what she does: break[s] men’s hearts. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes,” the source said.

Tired of men

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8He was married once


Hassan has gone through a broken marriage already. He used to be married to one of the most illustrious names in the Asian art circuit, an art expert named Lina Lazaar. They married in 2012 but were together for a brief time. Sources close to Hassan have revealed that he is a very private man and does not talk about his relationships in public. In fact, he shares this trait with Rihanna who also does not like talking about her men in public.

He was married once

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9His famous exes


Rihanna is not the first star Hassan has been in a relationship with. He also dated supermodel Naomi Campbell for a while. The two were spotted hanging out on a number of events in 2016. Which is why people were quite shocked when Rihanna was spotted getting cozy with him, since Naomi and Rihanna are quite close and had referred to each other as sisters.

His famous exes

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10The pattern


Rihanna’s personal life has been anything but stable, although she has never let her relationships get in the way of her career. Besides her abusive relationship with Chris Brown, she has dated basketball player Matt Kemp and rapper Drake. She briefly reunited with Chris Brown much to the dismay of her fans. She also dated rapper Travis Scott for a very brief time.

The pattern

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11She is super-busy


Her split with Hassan could have also happened because of her career. Rihanna has been super busy lately. Not only is she coming out with two new albums, but she just played a crucial role in Ocean’s 8, and could be looking at more significant Hollywood options. Plus, she is working really hard to build a beauty empire.

She is super-busy

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12Her Fenty Beauty line


Rihanna is onto something truly trailblazing with her beauty line which is not just the most inclusive beauty line but is also receiving rave reviews. Rihanna is clearly looking to build a beauty empire and by the looks of it she is on the right track. It makes sense if she can’t find time for a relationship right now.

Her Fenty Beauty line

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13A non-no for Drake?


Rihanna and Drake have been involved in a particularly complex situation. Even after their breakup, Drake has made no secret of his feelings for Rihanna. They even had an embarrassing moment during an awards ceremony in 2016, when Rihanna wouldn’t kiss him back. But Rihanna recently came clean about her equation with him and said that they are no longer friends.

A non-no for Drake?

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14Not friends anymore


Rihanna recently went on a show and revealed that she and Drake don’t exactly keep in touch. "We don't have a friendship now, but we're not enemies either. It is what it is,” she said. Rihanna’s fans had always rooted for her and Drake’s relationship and this was obviously bad news for them.

Not friends anymore

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15She is just being Rihanna


When reports of Rihanna’s being tired of men came out, fans exclaimed that this is just Rihanna being Rihanna. The singer has always prioritised her work ahead of any personal entanglements and now that her career is on a super hot streak, she obviously does not have time for men or marriage.

She is just being Rihanna

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