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10 Incredibly Rare Photographs of Pop Stars When They Were Not Famous

By Andrew Alpin, 15 October 2017



They have always given us chartbusters and we have enjoyed their songs and concerts across the world. The singers portrayed here have a million plus fan following worldwide and could well be described as among the most iconic singers of their time. These are our pop stars who we all love to follow be it for their music or for their colorful lives that puts them constantly in the news. But!! There was a time these pop stars were ordinary people like you and me, they went to school, on dates, had haircuts like us and looked like your everyday boy or girl next door. Take a look at 10 rare photos of stars before becoming famous.



As cute as she looks now, Beyonce looked just as good when she was a teenager. She was born Beyonce Gisele Knowles to a hairdresser and a copier salesman. Her talent was recognized at a young age when she was a soloist at the St John’s United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. She attended the High school for performing and visual arts and as early as eight was part of a girl band named “Girls Tyme” along with childhood friend Kelly Rowland.

The group worked the talent circuit in Houston. By the time she was 15, the group was signed on to perform under the label of Sony Entertainment after which they changed the name to “: Destiny’s Child”. The rest is history.

Beyonce before she got fame

Image Source: www.funtime.ge


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