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You’ll Never Believe What The Queen Said About her Great-Grandchildren George and Charlotte

By KK Angus, 30 April 2018


Queen Elizabeth II is having a very busy year. Not only did she welcome her third great-grandchild but she is also at the forefront of the most exciting and most publicised Royal event of the decade - Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle. The fact that her grandson is marrying a divorcee telly star has given her subjects and the media enough fodder for gossip. But the Queen has had it with speculations. In fact the Queen doesn't seem to have a lot of patience for her other family members either.

Take her grandkids for instance. Prince George and Princess Charlotte the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton are very young and albeit very adorable. The Queen though very fond of both of them couldn't refrain from commenting on their daily mischief. Especially since their pranks disrupt the daily Royal life. You'll never believe what the Queen said about her grandkids.

1Her busiest year yet?

2018 is turning out to be the busiest year for her Majesty. Not only did she celebrate her 92nd birthday but the entire Royal family has been geared up for the birth of the third Royal baby. On top of that the Queen's favourite grandson Harry got engaged and is all set to rise the knot with a commoner from America. The Queen has had her Royal plate full of duties.

Her busiest year yet

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2She loves her great-grandchildren

The Queen might be 92 but she has incredible energy and loves keeping up with her adorable great-grandchildren. Princess Charlotte and Prince George are surely a handful and their parents can't always be on guard. But the granny might be having a hard time with her young grandkids if her latest interview is to be believed.

She loves her great-grandchildren

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3Do the Royal children have protocol?


There have been a lot of speculation about how the Royal children are brought up. While Prince George has a quirky disposition just like his uncle Harry, Charlotte is too young to be labelled mischievous. While George is just four years old,  Charlotte is just two. But the Royal children are reportedly giving the Royal seniors a pretty hard time already.

Do the Royal children have protocol

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