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Cat Clinic in Ireland Wants To Hire a Professional Cat Cuddler

By Andrew Alpin, 9 April 2018


For those who like cats, this would be a dream job for you as a veterinary clinic in Dublin Ireland has advertised for a “cat cuddler”. This unique job will require you cuddle cats and shower them with affection. Any cat lover will be only too willing to apply for such a job.

1A vacancy for “cat cuddler’


The clinic in Dublin is named “Just Cats”. According to the clinic, the ideal person fitting the bill should be a cat lover have gentle hands and can pet and stroke a cat for a long time. 

cat cuddler vacancy

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2Applications from all across the world


According to the veterinary council of Ireland, the position needs professional qualifications. But this has not proved an obstacle where thousands around the globe actually applied when the advertisement came out early this year.

veterinary council of Ireland

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3The qualities that an ideal candidate must possess


The clinic has outlines some qualities that the person should possess including being soft spoken and who can whisper to cats so that they remain calm. This will be necessary to calm down the patients brought to the clinic every day. 

cuddling cat

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4A clinic only for cats


The clinic Just Cats which is in Clonsilla, Dublin is an exclusive veterinary clinic only for cats. The website describes themselves as a “No DOG’ clinic. The website in their careers section says “We are an equal opportunities employer; however we do discriminate against dogs attending our veterinary clinic as patients.” 

A clinic only for cats

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5You have to be cat crazy


Other qualifications that have been mentioned are that you need to be a “crazy cat person" who even loves cats over people and those candidates who possess a good dose of natural catitude will be given preference. The ideal candidate should also have gentle hands to stroke the cats for lengthy periods of time. 

taking care of cat

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