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Cat Clinic in Ireland Wants To Hire a Professional Cat Cuddler

By Andrew Alpin, 9 April 2018


11Weight Training

When you indulge in weight training which is good for body strength, attach a LED toy or a flashlight to the weight. The cat will attempt to chase the light as you lift. 

Weight Training

Image Source: xoxo.ru

12You need to be innovative

Being innovative and thinking of new activities for your cat will always keep your tabby in shape instead of looking like Garfield. There are many cat owners who like their cats around when they themselves are performing any activity. This is good for quality time and a great stress buster. 

playing with cat

Image Source: nypost.com

13Best clinic for cats


From the gallery, you can see cats are treated beautifully at the clinic. Some are also animals without a home who are fed and rehabilitated to find forever homes. 

Best clinic for cats

Image Source: boredpanda.com

14The first two patients

The first patients at the cat clinic happened to be these two guys called Simon and Monkey. They were brought to the cat clinic as kittens. Simon now stays with head nurse Roisin while monkey found his forever family. 

cat clinic

Image Source: www.justcats.ie

15Socks, one of the regulars

This is an image of Socks who entered the clinic when he was a kitten and has been staying there and here’s how he looks now. So if you love cats and want to be a cat cuddler apply now. 

playing cats

Image Source: justcats.ie


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