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Cat Clinic in Ireland Wants To Hire a Professional Cat Cuddler

By Andrew Alpin, 9 April 2018


6Expanding the employee base

In the Just Cats clinic, there are 4 employees presently and plans are on to expand the team with the new vacancy opened up for cat cuddler. The clinic proudly showcases itself as a gold standard award holder for their unique cat-friendly clinic program which makes it the home of just two cat clinics in Dublin. 

cats vet

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7Only for cat lovers

The website has pictures that show feline friendly experts who know only about cats and who love the animals too. You can also check out the cat blog on the website that provides tips and tricks on managing your cat. In, fact, it also gives you tips for Halloween and suggestions for pet names. 

cat lovers

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8How to exercise your cat


Some of the tips are a bit humorous where one post says that leading sedentary lifestyles for humans and cats isn’t healthy. Cats need exercise just as humans do. You need to make exercise fun for your cat so the big question here is how do I exercise with a cat and make him fit. The answer??? Simply run around the house!! 

How to exercise your cat

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9You also have to understand cats

Being a cat cuddler isn’t all that easy, you also have to possess the ability to understand what different types of purring mean in cats. This will favor any prospective candidate for the job. Thus, gentle hands only will not fetch you the job. You need to know stuff about cats as well. 

understand cats

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10Exercises for your cat

Actually, the ab exercise are for you not your cat but as you perform abs crunches with a torch in your hand, the up and down motion of the light will make your cat exercise too as it runs to chase the light. This way both owner and feline get a workout. 

Exercises for your cat

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