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12 People Who Destroyed Their Lives Trying To Become Famous

By Andrew Alpin, 13 September 2017


There are a number of people for whom fame is everything. They will just about do anything to achieve fame and in doing so end up ruining themselves. Today, in a technology driven world and the onslaught of social media, becoming famous is as easy as saying cheese. But just as social media can make you; it can also break you especially if you slip up along the way. Here are 12 people who ruined their lives for fame.

12Monalisa Perez


Perez and her boyfriend are perhaps the world’s most idiotic people. They tried all sorts of stunts on YouTube to become famous. One day they went too far when her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz asked her to shoot a book held in front of his chest. You know what happened next, the bullet went straight through killing him on the spot. Monalisa will soon be famous in prison.

Monalisa Perez

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11Gia Allemand


Gia Allemand the girlfriend of NBA player Ryan Anderson was a contestant on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad”. When Anderson told her he didn’t love her anymore, she couldn’t take it and hanged herself with a vacuum cleaner cord from the stairwell of her home. This is exactly the depression that contestants of reality shows go through when they can’t stand rejection.

 Gia Allemand

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10Mike and Heather Martin


These are the worst parents ever. They tried playing pranks on their kids and posting it on social media. In one video they can be seen pranking their 9-year-old son by blaming him for something he didn’t do. In the video they can be heard hurling abusive and curses at the child. This prompted viewers to contact protective services to investigate the couple for child abuse. The videos have since been taken down.

 Mike and Heather Martin

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