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13 Incredible Pairs of Personalities You Won’t Believe Are Related To Each Other and Royalty Too

By Andrew Alpin, 6 December 2017


A few years ago National Geographic launched a gene pool study where now anyone can easily trace back their DNA for a small fee. The DNA ancestry kit which was a brainchild of the genographic project launched in 2005, helps reveal how humans populated the earth. Likewise, genealogy experts through research have come up with some fantastic facts about famous personalities and how they are related. It is somewhat amazing to know something you wouldn’t even wonder about in your wildest dreams. Imagine if you too were related to a king, or a dictator wouldn’t that be incredible? Take for example Barack Obama and Dick Cheney, they are actually related because of an eight common cousin in their ancestry.

Similarly, there are many present-day personalities like Tom Hanks and Madonna who are related to the most unlikely people you would never expect. Check out these personalities related to each other which is truly astonishing. These are truly unexpected relationships just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were cousins as they were husband and wife. So read on

1Princess Diana and Sarah Palin


Yes!!! The controversial politician who was the 9th governor of Alaska is actually the 10th cousin of late Lady Diana Spencer. It so happens that they have a common ancestor in an English Colonial Reverend John Lothrop who came to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. In fact, Palin has found out her ancestors came from Norfolk. What’s more!! Palin is also related to Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is her ninth cousin. 

Princess Diana and Sarah Palin

Image Source: www.smoothradio.com

2 Barack Obama and Winston Churchill


Could this really be possible?? Yes because genealogy is fantastic and you never know whose blood is lurking in your genes. This relationship was discovered by the New England Historic Genealogical Society who found that both these two statesmen are linked through a common relative Samuel Hinkley who lived in Massachusettes Bay Colony and died in 1662. In fact, experts also believe that Obama is related to Bushes, Harry Truman, Lyndon B Johnson, James Madison and Gerald Ford. 

Barack Obama and Winston Churchill

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

3Abraham Lincoln and Tom Hanks


This gets weirder. Tom Hanks must be thrilled to know that he is actually related to Abraham Lincoln through the family of his mother Nancy. Hanks is the third cousin of President Lincoln four times removed. 

Abraham Lincoln and Tom Hanks

Image Source: www4.pictures.zimbio.com


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