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15 Actual Reasons Why Megan Fox Was Dumped By Hollywood



There was a time when Megan Fox was the shiniest star whom every director and producer wanted to cast in their projects. She was the face of almost every top fashion and men magazines. Be it commercial hits or Indie movies.

1A new Star has arrived:


Megan was lured into every format of movie making and film pundits predicted a new starlet had arrived finally. But it all went downhill for her so fast that now she is practically a no-Body. All her fans are equally shocked and curious about her bombed career which was so promising. Here are the real reasons why Hollywood dumped Megan Fox.

15 Actual Reasons Why Megan Fox Was Dumped By Hollywood

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2Megan crossed with Michael Bay


If the rumour is to be believed she made a big tactical mistake of her life by having a public feud with Michael Bay, who actually gave her the first break in a Hollywood blockbuster the ‘Transformers. BY doing so she ruffled the feathers of Steven Spielberg, the God of Hollywood with a Midas touch and also a close friend of Michael. This meant more than half of Hollywood went on a strike against her as no one wants to be on the wrong side of this 2 powerhouse director-producer in Hollywood.

Megan crossed with Michael Bay

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3No Big Brands wanted to cast her.


Since no big Hollywood projects came her way she now has to make do with CGI creations where she has been regaled to side characters because the rest of her movies have either tanked or failed to launch and to top it all her poor acting chops has not helped her at all. Clearly, pouting would get you nowhere.

No Big Brands wanted to cast her

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4The tragic fall and the reasons


She was the reason for which the “Maxim Hot 100 Hollywood” list was created because she was a Hollywood A-Lister at such a young age. Yet it seemed she was going downhill spoiling things for herself.

 The tragic fall and the reasons

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5She publicly fought with Michael Bay


As we mentioned already at the beginning of this article, Megan Fox had a fallout with Bay in public which was her biggest mistake. Since she had some modelling and sitcoms under her belt as her resume she was already a rising star and was cast against Shia LaBeouf in Transformers in 2007.

By 2009, she was already a big name and her views about the director’s over his reliance on CGI rather than humans was criticized by Megan openly stating these movies are not about performances. She went dangerously further by comparing Michel Bay with Hitler on the sets, which was not taken well.

She publicly fought with Michael Bay

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