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List of 10 tricks to light a fire using unconventional items

By Arkadeep Deb, 5 April 2017


4 Firestarter III

There is not much of a merit to this trick as opposed to the others as its basic use is to start a quick fire and stop it too. When two ping pong balls are put in unison on a plate and lit, they catch fire in a few infinitesimal seconds and are burnt to cinder in the next couple of seconds. This trick coupled with the ‘Smoke-screen’, are usually implemented in disappearing acts for pizzazz!

ping pong balls fire trick

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5 The Unbreakable Balloon

Balloons bursting upon contact with heat is no surprise, but what about the one which does not burst?! Yes, with the help of water, a balloon can actually with withstand some limited amount of exposure to heat, thus the moniker ‘unbreakable’. The balloon is not filled to the brim such that the skin is taut and tensed. Upon exposure to heat the water absorbs the heat and prevents the skin from rupturing due to exposure to heat energy. Less amount of water should ensure the balloon is not distinguishable from a regular, blown-up one.

Balloon fire trick

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6 Ignition by smoke

Use a fuse that can sustain a light and a spoon to cover. The smoke from the candle shall try to evade the spoon that is supposed to guard the wick of the candle; this is done so that the smoke cannot escape which is why its best tried on ‘diyas’, or candles in containers so that the smoke doesn’t escape from the side. The burning fuse is then held close above the extinguished wick and the spoon is moved aside. The sudden escape of the smoke causes air to rush in due to the low pressure created. The oxygen in the air causes a small flaming particle to ride the medium to the wick and re-ignite it again.

Ignition by smoke

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