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List of 10 tricks to light a fire using unconventional items

By Arkadeep Deb, 5 April 2017


7 How to trap water

Use any non-inflammable liquid for this trick and pour it in a saucer or any flat container. Place a lit source, preferably a small candle on the liquid and cover the candle with a thick drinking glass. Once the oxygen in the air is used up by the flame, again, a low-pressure area is created, causing the liquid to rush in under the lining of the glass.

How to trap water


8 The spray lighter

Align two candles next to each other with only one of them lit. This must be familiar with some of you that most pressurized cans of spray be it a germicide or a deo-spray, contain parts of flammable substances. Hold a can of such on the other side of the lift candle, at a safe distance and spray moderately hard. If the spray is hard enough it will carry the flame with it to some distance, and if the unlit candle is close enough, the fire should meet the wick!

The spray lighter

Image Source: www.thenakedscientists.com

9 The match in the glass

Do you know how to light a match-stick without using hands? Well, after this article you shall know several! The trick comprises of a concept similar to the water trapping experiment. This time though, you can use a burning laser, to ignite the flame and a match-stick stuck on a sugar cube maybe, something that floats on liquid. Once the laser lands on the inflammable part of the match, it burns the match-stick, and soon the match-stick burns the air trapped inside the glass to suck in the liquid.

light a match stick without using hands

Image Source: www.qube.nu

10 Lighting a match using a battery

A couple of small pieces of electrical wiring and a battery is required to ignite the match-stick in question. Tie one end of a piece of a wire to the flammable end of the match-stick. The other end of the wire connects to the bottom of the battery. You can tape it if you want to make this into a permanent tool. The other wire is fitted to the tip of the battery and the free end is then held freely against the match. Once the circuit is completed, in a few seconds the match-stick lights up!


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