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4 Great tips and tricks to take care of your lips


Lips are one of the most sensuous parts of a woman and it’s only correct that they require the utmost care and the best products to keep them healthy. Lipsticks are made for women to help the lips look better, they keep lips moist and ooze sensuality at any given moment. We have 4 tips for you on how to do better with lipsticks. Check them out.

1 Choosing a lip color

You can choose a matching lipstick color with the tone of your skin. This chart will help you immensely in choosing the right color for right skin tone. A pearl lipstick highlights all the shortcomings your face has. Every blemish, every spot, every nook and cranny is exposed by that lipstick. That’s why use a matte lipstick, if you have big lips, as they help in making such lips looking slim.

Choosing a lip color
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