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15 Times When Kate Middleton Broke The Royal Family Rules

By Raveena Ashodia, 25 June 2018


When you become a royal there is a thing called Big Fat rulebook that must be followed by each and every member of the royal family. Things get more difficult when you didn’t bear in the royal family and suddenly becomes a part of it. Following the royal rules is no joke as these rules were not created yesterday. Some of these rules were invented at the start of British Monarchy- over 1200 years ago. The royal family has more rules to follow than the church of Scientology. Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2011 and since then she is the giant rule breaker of the family. She has spent more hours in detention than hours she’s been married. At many times she broke the very serious rules of the family like a pro. We are here today presenting you with the 15 royal rules that Kate Middleton broke.

1Not living in London


In the royal family, it is very important where you live and Kate and William are provided with an apartment In London Kensington Palace. But the couple is living far to the north of London at a place called Amner hall. They spent 90 percent of their time there. According to them staying far from the city helps in feeling like normal people. Kate has even been captured shopping at local supermarkets.

Not living in London

Image Source: vanityfair.com

2Rejecting the Queen’s Christmas Invite


Since ancient times it has always been like the queen says anything and you say, “Yes, your Majesty”, but not when you’re Kate. In 2017, when Queen hosted a Christmas party Kate broke a big rule. Reportedly, Kate set up her own party in Amner hall and invented then engaged Prince Harry and Meghan. She didn’t even reply to queen’s invitation, it was like throwing Queen’s invitation on her face.

Rejecting the Queen’s Christmas Invite

Image Source: www.fashionstylemag.com

3The Airplane Rule


According to the rules, two heirs of the family cannot travel in the same plane in case the plane crashes as it protects the royal bloodline. Prince Harry and William are prevented from traveling in the same plane. Kate and William’s children are also heirs of the family so the rules prevent them from sharing a flight. In 2014, on an official visit to New Zealand, William and Kate shared the same plane with their 8-month-old baby.

The Airplane Rule

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

4Wearing high heels


Kate Middleton is a huge fan of high heels but according to the report of Glamour, the queen was not a fan of Kate’s wedge heels. Kate has been spotted many times wearing high wedges for past 7 years and it became her signature wedge heels. According to a report, Kate decided to ditch heels for the queen but not completely. She was wearing high wedges behind queen’s back.

Wearing high heels

Image Source: styleslum.com

5Display of affection publically


Prince William’s Butler spoke to TIME and told that display of much affection in public is something that the Queen doesn’t like. When Meghan and Harry were engaged they were only allowed to hold hands in public. Kate and William have been spotted hugging and holding hands during a ski trip in Norway. In the pictures, they were looking much relaxed than usual.

Display of affection publically

Image Source: static3.therichestimages.com


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