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15 Reasons Why Hollywood Will Drop Kaley Cuoco After The Big Bang Theory

By KK Angus, 13 April 2018


Kaley Cuoco has had one major success in the last 12 years and that's The Big Bang Theory. In spite of being gorgeous and talented, Kaley has failed to score any big budget films or shows. In fact, all her other projects tanked so terribly that she can never aspire to be an A-lister. Incidentally, The Big Bang Theory is set to end soon and will probably be around for just one more year. Kaley's fans worry that Kaley just might be unemployed after that as she doesn't seem to be a bankable name in showbiz.

1Just one range


People have unanimously agreed that Kaley, as an actor, only has one range which is why she only gets to play one type of role. She has been around the industry for almost two decades now and has hardly done anything to experiment or build her resume. In fact hall, her TV movies and films only make it so much worse for her as she only has one good show as proof of her entire career.

Kaley Cuoco

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2A diva


Several sources have confirmed that Kaley is just too much of a diva. Interestingly the diva culture in Hollywood is at an end as actresses can't afford to be inaccessible or arrogant anymore. But Kaley has been a huge narcissist and has made it evident that she doesn't really care about her co-stars. Her fuss over her wardrobe, makeup and payment have given her a bad rep.

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3One hit wonder


Kaley has proved herself to be a one-hit wonder as The Big Bang Theory was obviously a lucky break for her. Fortunately, the show turned out to be a real winner as it's still on after 11 years and of course the cast and crew are now household names. But her post-Big Bang Theory prospects look rather bleak as this was the show which kept her in the headlines for a decade.

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4Not a team player


It's very important for every member of an ensemble cast to get along especially for big-budget productions like The Big Bang Theory. But Kaley's erratic behaviour has been a problem for years now. In fact, after she broke up with Johnny Galecki things took a turn for the worse. It had been reported that Mayim Bialik won't even talk to her between shots.

Kaley Cuoco Slammed For Being 'Overpaid' By 'Big Bang

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5Kaley vs Jim


Jim Parsons who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper in the show used to be a very close friend of Kaley. But things have gone terribly wrong between the two. They do put up a front for the cameras at award shows but sources have reported that Jim and Kaley had a major fallout. In fact, Jim chose to sit at a different table for an award ceremony instead of his co-star's table.

Kaley vs Jim

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