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Who’s The Mystery Brunette Justin Bieber Is Hanging Out With After His Split With Selena Gomez?

By KK Angus, 11 April 2018


Many people think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will never get over each other. They are hardly to be blamed as they wind up with each other even after spending years apart and being with other people.

But before their fans could get comfortable with the idea of their reconciliation, they broke up again. And Justin already seems to have moved on. He was spotted hanging out with a brunette and his fans have been going crazy with speculation.

1What's up with Justin?

Justin's fans are concerned about him as he doesn't seem to be sticking to anything or anyone. Be it his projects or his appearances or even in his personal life, Justin seems to be suffering from commitment issues. His last album was a dud and he had talked about his difficult personal life. And his fans would like him to find some sort of stability.

Justin Bieber Looks Unhappy

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2The Selena connect

When Justin reconciled with Selena after her breakup with The Weeknd, fans were overjoyed. They always thought that they were meant to be together. Justin and Selena made the most of their time together. Which is why fans were pretty miffed when they broke up. In fact, since Selena has been through a lot in her personal life and her health, her fans wanted her to find peace with her relationship with Justin.

The Selena connect

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3Justin's father's wedding


Justin and Selena even went to his father's wedding in Jamaica and put up a public display of affection. Their PDA made big headlines and also went viral on social media. Fans were also quick to remark that you don't take anyone to your dad's wedding unless you're really serious about that person.

Justin's fathers wedding

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4The breakup

After a brief, newsworthy reunion, Justin and Selena split up again. Nobody knew why they broke up or what exactly brought it on, but they were very clearly not together. Their fans were shocked because when they saw Selena getting together with Justin after her last breakup with The Weeknd, people thought it would last forever.

The breakup

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5He has moved on

Days after his split with Selena, Justin has been spotted with a brunette after his Soul Cycle class. The duo was spotted walking on the California streets and laughing and seemed totally smitten with each other. Fans have not reacted well to the new pictures, especially since they don't understand how Justin moved on so fast. Now, they might just be friends, but his fans are nevertheless curious to know who she is.

Justin Bieber Pictured With Selena Gomez

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