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Breaking News: Johnny Depp Given Court Approval To Access Amber Heard's Phone

By Christopher Paul, 8 November 2021


Main content: Johnny Depp has been a Hollywood heartthrob since he debuted. Over the years he becomes one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Amber Heard has been a rising star in the recent few years. They first acted together in the 2009 movie, '˜The Rum Diary'. Since then they had become friends and it was in 2012 that the two began dating. After a short engagement, the two got married in a very private ceremony but things were not as they seemed. The couple soon filed for divorce and alleged physical abuse that took the internet by storm.

1The breaking news


In the latest development in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case, the court has given Johnny access to his ex-wife's phone records. This could prove to be a huge turning point if Depp is able to prove that the assault allegations were fake.

2What could this prove?


If Depp is able to do it then he will be able to prove that the allegations his ex-wife put on him that he assaulted her were fake. He will be able to prove that she forged her injuries and nothing she claimed that he had done to her was actually true.

3Depp's lawyers agree on


Depp's lawyers have been very vocal about the entire situation. They have constantly said in public that the images that Amber has paraded around in the court and in public are fake. They claim that the images were doctored and that they do not paint a clear image of what really happened.

4How did this all start?


This entire fiasco started back in 2009 when Depp met Amber on the set of their movie ‘The Rum Diary. The two struck up a friendship and began talking and getting along while filming. The two had great chemistry and their friendship seemed like it could go somewhere. But the two never dated until 2012.


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