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Jennifer Lawrence Rejects All The Accusations Of Her Affair With Chris Pratt

By Ashish Ranjan, 1 March 2018


In all the cases of broken relationships, people always try to find out the natural identifiable reason for it. Same thing happened when a celebrity couple like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separated from each other. They were highly anticipated and loved couple. The hearts of fans were broken when Chris Pratt separated from Anna Faris. They were very much convinced that another woman might have been the reason behind their breakup.

1 People said Jennifer Lawrence was the reason behind breakup of Chris Pratt


People said that Chris Pratt’s Passengers co-star, 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence was the main reason behind their breakup. People said that both Jennifer and Chris had an amazing chemistry onscreen and they also had amazing friendship on the sets of movie. People were telling that there is certainly more than what met the eye.

Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt relationship

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2 The rumors were denied completely


The rumors of Jennifer getting into a relationship with Chris were denied completely. Jennifer also spoke about how much she was hurt by accusations. Jennifer said that she would never cheat with a married man. Anna had also said that the rumors had a lasting impact on her. She felt insecure because of the accusations. Their relationship was always under huge scrutiny.

rumors of jeniffer and chris relationship

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3 Jennifer, Chris and Anna had rejected the rumors


All the three including Jennifer, Chris and Anna had dispelled the rumors and put it to rest. It again came back in the reckoning in August last year. For many people, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris had picture-perfect eight-year marriage. Jennifer had also praised about their relationship in the past.

chriss prat

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4 Jennifer had praised the relationship of Chris and Anna


Jennifer said that the relationship between Chris and Anna is just like the story from “a Nicholas Sparks novel.” But, when Chris and Anna broke up, people again started to accuse Jennifer about their broken relationship. Jennifer has now come out in open and defended herself against the accusations.

Jennifer Lawrence

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