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15 Images Of Malia And Sasha Obama That Would Surprise Barack

By KK Angus, 17 May 2018


The former First daughters have always been on best behaviour. Even when they were not on their best, they were always better than most teenagers their age. They obviously had a strict code of discipline while growing up, directed by their parents Barack and Michelle Obama. They spent around eight years at the White House and yet gave their critics and naysayers no chance to slam them or criticise them. They have perhaps been the most well-behaved children America has ever seen.

But there have been time when the First Daughters have been wild and behaved like normal teenagers. Have a look.

1Hanging out with Cardi B


Cardi B and her fiance Offset may be pop culture icons and huge stars but we bet the Obamas wouldn’t approve of their youngest daughter hanging out with them, especially if they have ever heard any song by Cardi or Offset. We can’t imagine what Barack Obama said when he saw the picture of Sasha Obama hanging out with the two rappers.

Sasha Obama hanging out with cardi b

Image Source: .therichestimages.com

2Very flirty PDA


We never knew about Malia Obama’s love life but now that she is grown up and studying at Harvard, she often gets PDA-friendly with her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson during their errands. And this behaviour is very unlike the Malia we’ve seen up till now.Malia Obama boyfriend Rory Farquharson

Image Source: meaww.com

3The selfie spree


The Obamas banned social media strictly and also had strict codes about using phones. But during one of Obama’s inaugurations Sasha and Malia made funny faces at the camera. Now, normal children could click all the selfies they want, but the rules are of course different for the First children of the nation.

Sasha and Malia taking selfie

Image Source: aboveaverage.com

4Fun at a music festival


Malia went to a famous music festival and hung out with the rapper Amine. She has also professed her love for rappers like Joey Bada$$ and Chance The Rapper. And while normal teenagers can have all the fun at music festivals, Malia’s antics were criticised.

Malia with rapper Amine

Image Source: notinerd.com

5Sasha’s prom date


When photos of young Sasha with her prom date went viral, people were quite surprised that Obama was letting his daughter go to this public event with her boyfriend, especially considering their no-boyfriend policy.

Sasha’s prom date

Image Source: www.teepr.tw


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