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Here’s What Every Hollywood A-lister Is Secretly Googling About

By KK Angus, 21 March 2018


Turns out stars are indeed just like us when it comes to their Internet habits. If you have an embarrassing search engine history, your favourite Hollywood icon is no different from you. Major movie stars from Jennifer Lawrence to Blake Lively have looked up some really embarrassing stuff online. We bet they don't show people their browser history either but we have uncovered some major secrets about their Google habits.

1Blake Lively


The Gossip Girl star has admitted that like any narcissistic person she Googles herself the most. Although she maintains that Googling oneself is not always a sound idea. You might just stumble upon a lot of negativity. But Blake is one of the few celebs who has never really had to bear the brunt of mindless trolls. From her uptown style to her Hollywood resume, Blake has been making all the right choices and if she Googles herself, she might just find a lot of fan appreciation.

Blake Lively

Image Source: www.zimbio.com

2Meghan Markle


Meghan might have Googled Prince Harry's exes. Harry has had quite a reputation as a womanizer and while William has always been a one-woman man, Harry has dated several rich and famous names like Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy. And Meghan has, of course, Googled up all the information there is about the women who have been involved with Harry.

Meghan Markle

Image Source: us.hola.com

3Kristen Stewart


Kristen must have Googled how to resurface back after a huge cheating scandal. She (in)famously cheated on her ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders. And never had Hollywood seen such a well-documented cheating scandal before. Kristen was even pictured getting cozy with Rupert. We bet she Googled how to get a boyfriend back after you've cheated on them.

Kristen Stewart

Image Source: en.koreaportal.com

4Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer admitted that once she typed in ‘Jennifer Lawrence ugly’ into the Google search bar and was subjected to some of the most embarrassing photos of herself. She had also said that she was very young and had self-esteem issues and that she doesn't do that anymore.

Jennifer Lawrence

Image Source: HLN.be

5Kylie Jenner


When Kylie fell pregnant last year, it was reported that her friends and family were shocked as they didn't believe she was ready to be a mother at 20. Kylie is too young to be a mom and also has an insanely hectic lifestyle. It's not a stretch to imagine that she obviously Googled pregnancy tips and pointers for a smoother motherhood.

Kylie Jenner

Image Source: galoremag.com


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