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What These 20 Popular Males Would Look Like If They Were Women

By KK Angus, 26 March 2018


Alpha males are ruling Hollywood but what would these iconic men look like if they weren't men? Ever wondered how Leonardo DiCaprio would look like with feminine cheekbones and longer hair? Or how Ryan Gosling would look like with lipstick?

We found the results of a face swapping app which reimagines the faces of male Hollywood stars as women and you need to see the results for yourself...

1Ryan Gosling


Turns out the Hollywood heartthrob would be a total looker if he was a woman. The app doesn't change Ryan's light eyeballs but gives him long blonde hair and interestingly he ends up looking like his The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams.

Ryan Gosling

Image Source: brightside.me

2Leonardo DiCaprio


Admit it - you've often wondered what Hollywood's hottest blonde would look like as a woman with makeup on. Wonder no more as Leonardo would make for a beautiful woman. The app gives Leonardo incredible eyes nose and fuller lips. And we’re sure in a perfect world a female Leonardo DiCaprio would exist as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source: harmonikum.co

3Vladimir Putin


The fierce Russian President would apparently make for a gorgeous woman. Not only would Putin look a lot kinder and softer as a woman, but he would actually look very intelligent and charismatic.

Vladimir Putin

Image Source: www.earlyintime.com

4Donald Trump


The US President Donald Trump's female counterpart looks pretty funny, to be honest. The app shows the female Donald Trump as a young girl with golden hair and eyeliner and our minds might be blown but we can't take our eyes off Ms Trump.

Donald Trump

Image Source: harmonikum.co

5Christian Bale


Christian Bale's female counterpart looks sharp and could totally fit into the role of Batwoman. A female Christian Bale doesn't just have a great smile and hair but also has age-defying looks.

Christian Bale

Image Source: hauskimmat.net


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