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15 Hollywood Friendships That Look Like Relationships

By KK Angus, 1 April 2018


5Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber

Kourtney ruffled quite a few feathers when she was seen out and about with a then-teenage Justin Bieber. Kourtney is almost 40 and has three children and was at the time in an on-again , off-again relationship with Scott Disick. Not only did people find their relationship distasteful but also pointed out the fact that Justin is too young to be seen with a woman who's in her late 30s. Eventually, of course, the relationship fizzled out but Justin still remains a Kardashian family friend.

Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber

Image Source: tribune.com.pk

6Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio

Rihanna and Leonardo would perhaps make the world's best power couple and would give Jay-Z and Beyonce a run for their money. They are not just friends but have been spotted together at music festivals and fashion weeks. Leonardo recently attended Rihanna's star-studded birthday bash. Reports have emerged which claim that Rihanna and Leonardo share a sexy friendship but there's all that's to it and they are not looking for a relationship with each other. Plus Rihanna is dating a Saudi Arabian millionaire and Leonardo only has eyes for supermodels.

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source: stylecaster.com

7Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett


Bella and Jordan don't just share a passion for the runway but also seem to love each other's company. Not only did they just pose together in a racy ad campaign but were also seen hanging out in their underwear in a New York apartment. But after the media made a ruckus out of the pictures, Bella cleared the air and said that Jordan is just a very good friend and there's no romantic connection between the two.

Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett

Image Source: becteroradio.com

8Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry

Did you know Katy was once blamed for the breakup of Robert and his then-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart? Katy and Robert met through Kristen but became fast friends. They not only hung out with each other a lot but also started spending a lot of time without Kristen. Fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that he is cheating on Kristen Stewart. But turns out they were just very good friends. In fact, Katy was a shoulder to cry on for Robert after his unfortunate breakup with Kristen.

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry

Image Source: becteroradio.com


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