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10 Hollywood Celebrities That Will Never Make A Comeback

By Varun Dwarkani, 8 January 2018


Some celebrities were a big deal in their era who have suddenly disappeared and possibly will never be seen. It’s not even easy for celebrities to recover from career failure as it makes their reputation bad. Celebrities like  Dave Chappelle, Tara Reid, Bill Cosby and others have failed to succeed and probably will never be seen making a comeback. Fame is a very fickle thing. Most of them become the talk of the time but only for a short period of time and then become distinct memory. Here, we have a list of 10 celebrities that were expected to become lot more famous but deluded in failure and disappeared.

1Val Kilmer


The ’80s was Hollywood heaven for Val Kilmer. His looks and acting landed him in major roles that made him famous worldwide. He was reportedly a demanding actor and become more famous for his behind the scene activities where he is known to have had fight with nearly everyone in the set. His wild interviews further spoiled his image. At the end, his career got spoiled uncontrollably.

Val Kilmer

Image source: www.wikipedia.org

2Dave Chappelle


One of the most successful comedians in recent times Dave Chappelle, suddenly went out of spotlight. From standup to movies, he used to write his own comedy show and become quite famous. He decided to walk away from spotlight on his own for some reasons. He tried coming back and his fans still love him, but it’s just not happening for him.

Dave Chappelle

Image source: www.pastemagazine.com

3Tara Reid


Decades ago, Tara Reid was a girl more famous than anyone. Movies like “American Pie,” “Josie and the Pussycats’ and “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” made her rise to fame. But her life was slowly on a decline due to her partying ways and changes she tried to do to her body. Now it looks like she has been trying to make a comeback through reality television, with the show Marriage Boot Camp.  She also got lucky being in the campy television movie franchise, Sharknado. Although the series has been successful, it looks like makers no longer want the actress to be a part of it. She eventually never was able to make a successful comeback.

Tara Reid

Image source: vettri.net


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