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15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Fell In Love and Married Their Fans

By Andrew Alpin, 15 November 2017


While there are many fans with crushes on their idols, some even get lucky enough to marry them. If you find that too hard to believe then there are several true-life instances where celebrities married their fans and some of them are those whom you know very well like Nicholas Cage. It’s actually true, that several Hollywood celebrities have ended up wooing and marrying their fans. Here is a list of 15 of them.

1Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon at one time seemed to have only eyes for other celebrities and even dated many. She also married Ryan Phillipe and had a relationship with Jake Gyllenhall. However talent agent Jim Toth changed her mind completely. The Oscar winner of “walk the line” married Toth in 2011 even though he wasn’t a big name in Hollywood. Toth was a big fan of Witherspoon and his dream of marrying his idol came true. The couple has a son who was born in 2012. 

Reese Witherspoon

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2Ringo Starr


Maureen Cox was a hairdresser for the Beatles and attended many of their shows. Ultimately she was noticed by Ringo who started dating her at the time the fabulous four were at the peak of their fame. The couple married in 1965 after Maureen found out she was pregnant. However, the marriage lasted only 10 years and the couple divorced in 1975. It isn’t always a marriage made in heaven when you marry a star it seems. 

Ringo Starr

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3Steve Harvey


As the stories go, Steve Harvey met his first wife Marjorie Bridges in Memphis while he was at a comedy club. He even told her then he would be marrying her. True or not, it makes a good Hollywood story. Bridges was working as a fashion blogger at the time and since then, the couple grew close to each other. While Harvey rose to fame as a comedian, she remained his biggest fan. Bridges and Harvey were married in 2007 after his two previous marriages.

 Steve Harvey

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4Billie Joe Armstrong


The frontman for Green Day as everyone knows as well is truly in love with his 25-year-old wife Adrienne Nesser. It isn’t uncommon to see famous singers in relationships with other celebs but Armstrong preferred one of his fans whom he met backstage at a concert. Armstrong was reported to have said he married on impulse but he is now in a long-term relationship and he admits that his marriage has helped him get through the negative aspects of his life while touring on the road. Armstrong and Nesser have two children out of wedlock. Best wishes to them. 

Billie Joe Armstrong

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5Nicolas Cage


Alice Kim was only 19 and an aspiring actress when she met Nicholas Cage while she was working in a restaurant Los Angeles. Cage had come there for a meal and soon connected with the waitress 20 years his junior. The couple soon began dating and were married in 2004. They had one son but unfortunately separated in 2016. 

Nicolas Cage

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