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Hollywood celebrities and the biggest scandals till date

By Shruti Kaushik, 24 October 2017


Celebrities know the way to live life, they are the premium spenders and create a benchmark in nearly everything they do for their fans based out in every geography. Speaking about celebrity scandals which are the mirror reflection of their life either true or false, have somewhere become a window dressing of our daily lives on the internet. These scandals sometimes surprise us to the core making us unsure about the quality of lives the crowned one lives. Here’s a peek into the 8 biggest celebrity controversies till date.

1John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Affair

Around 55 years ago, the world lost the most admirable legends on screen i.e. Marilyn Monroe. The iconic star committed suicide (as claimed by police) or died of barbiturate overdose and left the world in sorrow, the reason behind it, no one really knows. But there were rumours that Monroe’s drug addiction and alcohol was subject to her on and off relationship with John F Kennedy according to Daily Star. 

Marilyn Monroe Affair

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2Michael Jackson’s apparent “child abuse” moment

Michael Jackson did lead an unusual life. The biggest popstar of all times was always in the news for all the wrong reasons. Michael had suffered through several allegations of child abuse and child molestations for nearly his entire adulthood. One of the most highlighted moment was when he dangled his baby Blanket from the balcony for his fans to cheer, which looked like an abusive action. Several pictures were published in papers and majority of people expressed their anger over Michael's mishandling of his own baby.

 Michael Jackson’s apparent

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