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17 Hollywood Actors Who Started Off Their Careers as Movie Extras

By Andrew Alpin, 8 December 2017


Today you see them large as life on the silver screen with their popularity soaring with every movie. Some are already superstars who have had their share of fame and taking on roles reflecting their age. But, as huge and famous as they are now, your favorite Hollywood stars were unrecognizable at one time doing roles as extras for a few books to sustain themselves on the struggling pathway to fame. Take a look at 17 such stars who acted as extras in Hollywood.

1 Jean Claude Van Damme shook his booty in Breakin


We start this list with Jean Claude Van Damme simply because this is such a revelation. Today we know Van Damme as the hero of martial art action movies namely Bloodsport which was one heck of a film done in his younger days. Can you ever contemplate Van Damme shaking his booty in a dance movie?

Well!! Not only has he done that but he has done it as an extra as part of the spectator crowd in the movie “Breakdance the Movie” or “Breakin” as it is also called and which exploded on the screen during the break dancing era of the early eighties. Van Damme is seen wearing black dancing tights and shaking during the crowd scene of the movie. That was the very first Hollywood movie that Van Damme was cast in as an extra. 

Jean Claude

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

2 Megan Fox was a bar dancer


Today Mega Fox is a superstar having appeared in the Transformers franchise which gave a boost to her career. She has been seen in earlier films like Jennifer’s body but her very first screen appearance came in another Michael Bay Movie “Bad Boys 2” where she was a bikini-clad dancer under a waterfall. It is such a small part that you barely notice it. 

Megan Fox was a bar dancer

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