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12 Famous Celebrities Who You Never Knew Were Kidnapped In Reality

By Andrew Alpin, 2 November 2017


Being famous makes you rich no doubt and you have the best of everything but along with the glitz and glamour comes along potential dangers like stalkers and kidnappers. There are several celebrities who at least once found out the hard way experiencing traumatic incidents which may not be forgotten. Here are 12 celebrities kidnapped in real life.

12 Kim Kardashian, Paris nightmare


Kim Kardashian lived through a nightmare when she was in Paris for the Paris Fashion week. Burglars broke into her hotel room one day when she was alone. The gang posed as police officers forced a concierge to open her door, they then bound and gagged her and left her in a bathtub while making off with all her valuables. Kim was so traumatized that she left Paris the next day. 

Kim Kardashian, Paris nightmare

11 Alex Band, dubious kidnapping


In 2013 Calling Band lead singer was viciously attacked and kidnapped in the United States during a music festival in Michigan. He was abducted at gunpoint and kidnapped for money after which he was also beaten and injured grievously. He was later dumped on train tracks when he told his kidnappers “I just found out a few weeks ago that I’m going to be a dad. You do not need to go to the extent of killing me and making a child not have a father.” 

Alex Band, dubious kidnapping


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