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15 Most Expensive and Rare Things Owned By The Prince Of Dubai

By Christopher Paul, 24 June 2018


6The Most Expensive Camel In The World

How much would you pay for a camel? What is the most you would pay for a camel? How about a million? Too much? How about 2.7 million US dollars? Wait, why would someone pay nearly 3 million dollars for a camel? Was it a descendant of a royal bloodline? No, it won a camel beauty contest.

The Most Expensive Camel In The World

Image Source: sohucs.com

7The Falcon Market

What is the “Falcon Market” you might be asking, well it’s a long story. It started with a man named Bryn Close. He was a homeless man who started raising birds in Doncaster. He spent all his money on raising Falcons and training them to race. This effort paid off when at the National tournament in Abu Dhabi, the seven fastest birds in the tournament belong to Bryn. Fazza tried to buy Bryn’s entire business for $15 million.

The Falcon Market

Image Source: www.cosmopolitanme.com

8Jumeirah Zabeel Saray


Fazza owns a private investment company called Zabeel. The purchases made through this company are anonymous but you can bet the purchases are huge and Fazza has complete control as to where the company uses its money. One of the properties owned by the company is a five-star hotel called the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. Many reposts have valued the hotel at $12 billion.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Image Source: uae-offplan.com

9Expensive Penthouse Condo

In 2013, The world saw the most expensive real estate transaction in the history of Canada. Fazza bought three penthouse floors at the Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver. The total price of the transaction was $55 million. The topmost penthouse was worth $25 million and was the most expensive condo ever built.

Expensive Penthouse Condo

Image Source: vanfun.com

10Scottish Estate

A hotel, a condo, why not go for some land? How about over 63,000 acres? Yes, the prince’s father purchased the land and is planning to create a huge estate on it. The building will house 14 bedrooms and also a pool and a massive gym. The building is set to be a hunting lodge.

Scottish Estate

Image Source: www.theinfo.ng


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