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Craziest Things Ever Sold In Japanese Vending Machines

By KK Angus, 6 May 2018


Japan perhaps has the world's greatest number of vending machines. From food to toys to snacks to pet animals. Japanese vending machines deliver everything. The best thing about these machines are that you never know what you'll find where. You might be at a shopping complex and come across a pet acquiring vending machines or machines which dispense makeup or other basic necessities.

Needless to say, vending machines can be a lifesaver. From toothpaste to food to underwear you can get anything from the machines and that too at very economical rates. Japan's vending machines especially are every tourists delight. Let's have a look at what the country's vending machines are like.

1Sake for sale

Japanese vending machines also sell the traditional favourite Sake. Sake is basically an alcoholic beverage that is made by fermenting rice but often buying sake requires you to provide your ID proof since its alcoholic. But vending machine sakes don’t need an ID.

japanese vending machine selling Sake for sale

Image Source: www.ageekinjapan.com

2Somebody's phone number

Do you know the business of phone chat is a huge success in Japan? It's a total business arrangement where a vending machine sells a girl's number. But the catch is that the number doesn't guarantee a connection as the number might have been expired or its previous user may have changed numbers or it just might not work out between two people. But the fact that it exists is solid proof that Japan is perhaps the real Land of opportunities.

vending machine in japan

Image Source: gakuran.com

3Old underwear... really?


Do you know Japanese vending machines were once famous for selling used women's underwear? Though these machines are almost all out of cycle now but once upon a time vending machines in Tokyo would sell used female underwear. But they weren't actually used by people. Funnily enough, these underwear were manufactured to appear worn-out and used.

japanese vending machine sell Old underwear

Image Source: www.pointsincase.com

4They have lettuce too

We don't know if the Japanese are big in lettuce or whether they use it for every meal but their vending machines obviously think it's a must-have because Japan also has lettuce vending machines where you can literally buy lettuce in small batches.

japanese vending machine selling lettuce

Image Source: www.awaludinjordan.com

5What's a flying fish soup?

The Japanese vending machines sell something called flying fish soup. It's not just a can of fish soup. It's essentially has a fish floating in water. It gives the water a fishy taste and it's meant to be added to certain food preparations. And yes, you can find these soups at a vending machine.

flying fish soup

Image Source: www.ageekinjapan.com


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