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Craziest Things Ever Sold In Japanese Vending Machines

By KK Angus, 6 May 2018


11Yes you may have an umbrella

Do you know that in Japan it's pretty embarrassing to be caught in the heavy rain without an umbrella? Which is why you'll often find umbrella vending machines around the city where you can buy umbrellas.

Umbrella in vending machine for sale

Image Source: youtube.com

12Vending the vegetables

Japan also has vending machines for vegetables. They are sometimes operated by small-scale farmers or vegetable sellers. The machines sell a range of vegetables and you can buy it in any quantity you want.

Vending the vegetables


13Microwave on the go


Perhaps the most unique vending machines ever. These small boxes heat up your food and are kind of like mobile microwaves. At a small fee, you can use these machines to heat up your cold food or anything which you just bought.

mobile microwaves japan

Image Source: voyapon.com

14Reheated frozen food

Vending machines in Japan also sell ready to eat frozen food. Basically, chicken fingers or nuggets or any other food which are sold as frozen food can be heated, fried and sold via vending machines.

frozen food in japanese vending machine

Image Source: youtube.com

15They sell ice cream too

Japan also has frozen vending machines which sells a variety of ice creams. These are incredible popular as singular ice cream vendors are consistently on the decline.

Ice cream for sale in vending machine

Image Source: youtube.com


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