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Craziest Things Ever Sold In Japanese Vending Machines

By KK Angus, 6 May 2018


6They sell horned beetles

Do you know Japanese vending machines sell horned beetles which are considered a lucky charm in the country? In fact, beetles are a huge rage in Japan and are often used as holy symbols. In fact, the Horned beetles are so popular with the customers that other types of exotic insects like tarantula and spiders have also begun to sell.

horned beetles

Image Source: youtube.com

7Actual puppies are sold

Some Asian countries like China and Japan have a disturbing practice of seeing live animals like objects. But these puppy vending machines aren't exactly vending machines but they are just transparent spacious cubes where the puppies are put on display for their new owners.

Actual puppies sold in japanese vending machine

Image Source: www.dailydot.com

8Fresh bouquets


Do you know some Japanese vending machines also sell fresh and beautiful flowers arrangements or mini bouquets? Japan has very few flower shops and most of them are in the market area. So if you're in the city and looking for some flowers you know where to go.

Fresh bouquets for sell in  japanese vending machine

Image Source: pinterest.com

9Pleasure toys also

Japan is one of the very few countries which actually has vending machines selling several kinds of pleasure toys from vibrators to scented lubes. It's also important to note that this promotes a practice of safe intercourse.

Pleasure toys also in vending machine

Image Source: scoop.it

10Live lobsters too?

Japan is known for its incredible seafood. The country has vending machines which will let you pick out live lobsters. The machine works like a claw machine which you might see at a toy arena. You simply have to put the money in and select your lobster.

Live lobsters in japanese vending machine

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


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