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Common People Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

By KK Angus, 8 May 2018


We know you’ve always wanted to have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones or Barack Obama’s smile, but you obviously can’t. But there are some common people across the world who are the luckiest as they look exactly like some of the most famous names in the world. Not only are they complete doppelgangers of the stars but they could earn a living acting as their professional impersonators.

These lookalikes come from a range of backgrounds, someone’s a chef and someone’s a model and we can’t imagine it’s easy looking exactly like Johnny Depp or Megan Fox, but it is sort of a blessing in disguise. Some of these lookalikes have even met their celebrity twins. Let’s have a look at these spectacularly blessed people who look exactly like a celebrity.

1Is that you, Johnny?


For all, we know this man could have pulled off being in any movie and identify as Johnny Depp. He was seen walking the red carpet for Johnny’s film The Lone Ranger and fans actually thought he was Depp and screamed for his autograph. It only became clearer much later that he was in fact not the actual Johnny Depp.

johny depp lookalike

Image Source: noonecares.club

2Clooney-esque, much?


Model, actor Guillermo Zapata is a total George Clooney lookalike. He is not just a hit in showbiz but also a restaurant owner and Instagram sensation. He has hair and beard exactly like Clooney’s and could give the star a run for his money.


Image Source: www.viewsofia.com

3Hey, is that Gosling?


An electrician named Robert McKinnon looks exactly like La La Land star Ryan Gosling. The Toronto boy not only looks like Gosling but he is also younger and single which just makes him a better Ryan Gosling. Incidentally, Ryan Gosling himself is also from Canada.

Ryan Gosling

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

4Is that Katy?


This Katy Perry lookalike is an Instagram sensation and even Katy Perry will agree with us. She doesn’t just have more than 19,000 followers but regularly stages photoshoots and makes a video where she dresses up as Perry. Francesca has the exact same eyes and cheekbones as the California Girl singer and could show up at the next Grammys dressed as Katy and nobody would ever know.

Katy Perry

Image Source: porttada.com

5Colin Farrell has competition


This Farrell lookalike named James Martin is younger and more charismatic and easily takeover the star’s Hollywood mantle. The 31-year-old Farrell impersonator has said that he often gets mobbed by fans for autographs and can’t even find a girlfriend as he looks too much like Colin.

Colin Farrell

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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