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15 Talented Child Celebrities That Somehow Ruined Their Lives

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 12 May 2018


Success feels the sweetest when you really work for it. When there’s plenty of failures along the way, or should we say lessons. But when it falls in your lap out of the blue sky, that’s a different story. It doesn’t seem like people work a lot in the show business to reach success, but that’s not the case.

There’s plenty of celebrities that struggled before hitting gold. But there’s few celebrities that were sort of lucky. They were lucky indeed, but they were definitely not prepared.

It seems like it’s all going to be fine if we get everything we ever wished for at the age of fifteen or sixteen. But things don’t get easier with success at such a young age, they only get more complicated.

The list you’re about to see shows how these talented child celebrities for some reason couldn’t handle the fame and the pressure.

1Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan went from a sweet little child to a bad example with a drug problem. Every little girl wanted to be like Lindsay Lohan back in the days when she was popular. She still is famous, but for different reasons. We’re not sure what went wrong, wrong life choices or maybe a bad influence?

Lindsay Lohan

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com


2Pamela Anderson


You know you’re something special when Joey and Chandler from Friends can’t wait to see your show. Yeap, Baywatch was the thing and Pamela was the star of the show. But she didn’t really live up to the momentum and her potential as well. The infamous boat video didn’t do her any good either.

Pamela Anderson

Image Source: www.celebritypix.us


3Donatella Versace


No one can take away Donatella’s fashion success with Versace. Her brand is everywhere now, and it is a representation of wealth and success. But look what she did to her face? She wasn’t unattractive when she was younger, but she is now and all thanks to the many plastic interventions that didn’t do her any good.

Donatella Versace

Image Source: www.patrasevents.gr


4Bruce Jenner


Bruce didn’t really destroyed his life. He just went from Bruce to Caitlyn, and that is fine. We live in a free world and you have the right to do whatever you want with yourself. But, his decision to switch to Caitlyn and the whole Kardashian show kind of destroyed his legacy as a legendary sprinter.

Bruce Jenner

Image Source: www.celebritypix.us

5Amanda Bynes


Similar case to Lindsay Lohan, but Amanda Bynes took things a bit further. We can take aside the beefs she had with other celebrities and publicly calling Jay Z ugly. The problem is, she didn’t care about her looks and her health at all, and that’s why she looks like this now.

Amanda Bynes

Image Source: www.culturehook.com


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