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15 Celebs Who Went Back To School At The Peak Of Their Careers

By KK Angus, 13 March 2018


Did you dream about Hollywood while you were in school? Well, these A-listers had a dream about their schooling while they were in Hollywood, earning millions. Several of the biggest names took a short or sometimes long hiatus from their acting careers to get serious college degrees, because education obviously matters to them. Some went to New York University and some even sent to big league colleges like Oxford and Harvard.  Let's have a look at celebs who went back to school in style.

1Emma Watson


Much like her screen persona Hermione Granger, Emma too is quite a bookworm.  She had started her freshman year pursuing a degree in English literature but left it halfway,only to go back to finishing her degree from Oxford University in 2014. But it wasn't easy for this Hollywood sensation to fit into college life. In fact, she recalled her first day at the college cafeteria as terrifying as everybody  stared at her as she stepped in.

Emma Watson

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2Natalie Portman


Natalie was already a genius when she stepped in Hollywood and made it very clear that her education is her first priority not her acting career. She went to Harvard University to pursue her degrees in neurobiology and in Hebrew language and now has a PhD.

Natalie Portman

Image Source: extratv.com

3James Franco


James Franco is a serious multi-tasker. When he was at the peak of his career at 32, he joined Yale for a PhD and eventually got it. James has been a part-time professor at New York University and actually has had a pretty steady connection to academic life amid the Hollywood hoopla.

James Franco

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