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15 Celebrities With The Most Expensive Cars in The World

By Bincy Joseph, 22 June 2018


When you have too much money, and if you already possess a royal house and car you can always think of few more luxurious cars to match your style statement. This is what the celebs do; extra money can always be a good investment in automobiles which adds to their glitz and luxury. Hot and expensive rides have always been the talk of the tinsel town, and no celeb can stay away from getting into the million-dollar car club. So here are few celebs whose cars are ridiculously expensive.

1Kim Kardashian- dollar 243090 Ferrari Italia


Talking about Kim Kardashian, she is the owner of two Rolls Royce cars, but the most luxurious car of all the cars she owns is her Ferrari 458 Italia. This car was gifted by her ex-husband Kris Humphries as a wedding gift. You can mostly see Kim in her Bentley Continental GT, but her Ferrari Italia remains her favourite and coolest car.

Kim Kardashian- dollar 243090 Ferrari Italia

Image Source: www.fropky.com

2David Beckham


David Beckham is quite an established name in the sports field, and it is evident that he might be having an excellent collection of luxury cars. But out of all the cars that he owns, Rolls Royce Phantom remains his favourite. He can often be seen in this car with his sons going for a drive over the Beverly Hills.

David Beckham

Image Source: www.alux.com

3Nicholas Cage- dollar 670000 Ferrari Enzo


Nicholas Cage is one of the most prominent names in the Hollywood industry and is one of the highest paid actors of all times. His choice of selection of cars can also be related to the income he generates. He owns a Ferrari Enzo which matches up with his style statement and is one of the flashiest and luxurious car that one could own. The car has extreme curves and stylish doors to match up with the attitude of Nicholas Cage.

Nicholas Cage- dollar 670000 Ferrari Enzo

Image Source: cdn6.littlethings.com

4Justin Beiber- Ferrari F430 worth


Baby! Baby! Baby! is the very first word that comes to your mind as soon as you hear Justin Beiber’s name. But do you know about the baby love of Justin Bieber? It’s a ‘Ferrari F430’. This cool singer has a collection of luxurious cars namely Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover, Cadillac CTS, Audi R8 but still, he has some spectacular love for his Ferrari F430. He has been in the news many a time for his reckless driving and speeding despite a teenager, but his car love can never keep him away from his passion of driving.

Justin Beiber- Ferrari F430 worth

Image Source: pcdn.co

5Jay Leno


A crystal tank car is what Jay Leno owns with an engine that weighs about 5 tons that is one-tenth the weight of an original tank vehicle. Jay Leno is another celebrity who is very passionate about cars and has so many cars in his kitty that one can imagine his garage to be a showroom of cars.

Jay Leno

Image Source: www.fropky.com


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