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15 Celebrities Who Were Very Successful Once But Can Never Make A Comeback

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 10 June 2018


Success is hard to achieve but harder to maintain because it requires a person to keep performing well on a regular basis and keep a disciplined approach without getting distracted. However, there are many celebrities who were not able to handle success and it went up in their heads. They were found consuming the substance, partying endlessly and many other things which earned them a bad image and brought their career to halt.

Here we are going to talk about 15 such celebrities who were doing great professionally at one point of time but they made some mistakes which destroyed their career to a large extent.

1Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was going great once upon a time, in fact, she was touted as the next big actress to watch for. She was getting paid $10 million for every movie and many endorsement deals were offered to her. However, her habit of partying endlessly and then coming late to work irked directors and producers. Besides that, she was rude and moody too because of the hangovers that she had. While it is being said that she has recovered a lot in her personal life, her professional career seems to be going nowhere as of now.

Lindsay Lohan

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2Mel Gibson


The actor has given some wonderful performances in movies Braveheart, What Women Want, Lethal Weapon and Passion of the Christ but it has been a pretty long time that we have seen him in a big movie. His role in the movie Expendables 3 was also not able to give him a comeback. The reasons behind Mel Gibson’s dwindling professional life are his closeness to alcohol and investigations going against him for domestic violence. Many times he has sounded racist and this has led to directors and producers making a distance from him.

Mel Gibson

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3Harvey Weinstein


Once he was one of the most powerful people of Hollywood and he used his power in order to make women do something which they never wished to. In October 2017, it was reported by New York Times and New Yorker that more than 80 women from Hollywood have accused him of misusing them. Cases are going on against him and he is completely out of public view. Looking at the quantum of accusations, it can be said that he won’t be able to make a comeback ever again.

Harvey Weinstein

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4Sarah Michelle Gellar


Remember Buffy Summers from the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer which used to get aired in the late 90s? The lead character was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar and it ran successfully for six years. As the show ended, Sarah was not able to get good work as she was typecasted. She tried her luck in some movies and shows but nothing seemed to work in her favor.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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5Amanda Bynes


She had a promising career in her teenage days; in fact, she had her own show on Nickelodeon known as The Amanda Show. Besides, she worked in some movies too and almost all of them worked well at the box-office. But then success backfired and Amanda got into the news for all the wrong reasons such as the problem of substance consumption, fighting with strangers, breaking everything in hotel rooms, etc. Later it was found that she was ill and her treatment started. Presently, she doesn’t seem to be interested in making a comeback any time soon.

Amanda Bynes

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