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Celebrities Who Lived With Ghosts In Their Mansions

By Ashish Ranjan, 3 February 2018


The stories of haunted houses are everywhere. There are many people who always complain about seeing ghosts at houses. Although there is a widespread debate about whether ghosts exist or not, there are many people who believe in ghosts. These people have also claimed that they have actually seen ghosts. They always claim that ghosts are among us.

Celebrities are also not behind when it comes to ghosts and unwanted spirits. There are many celebrities who have already claimed that they have seen the unwanted spirits in lives. There are many celebrities who have said that they own haunted property. These celebrities have been taken aback after moving to these properties. Here are some of the celebrities’ experiences.

1Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers is known for her comedic acts. He is among those celebrities who have haunted house. She unknowingly moved to a penthouse which was haunted by unwanted spirit.  It is said that the spirit with the name of Mrs. Spencer was the original resident of the haunted property.

Joan Rivers

Image Source: www.6sqft.com

2Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus also had a ghost experience when she was living in a rented apartment in London. When she moved to that apartment, she found that the place was already inhabited. She once said, “I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me shower, so I felt really freaked out.”

Miley Cyrus.

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

3Ringo Starr


Jayne Mansfield is a legendary actress who once lived in a beautiful Los Angeles house with name of Pink Palace. The paint of the house was such that despite many efforts to change its color it always remained the same. Ringo Starr moved to the house, and while living there, he witnessed the ghost of Mansfield.

Ringo Starr

Image Source: www.messynessychic.com


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