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15 Celebrities Who Left Their Spouses For Younger And Famous People After Finding Fame

By KK Angus, 17 March 2018


Hollywood fame is not for everybody. And though some people have been able to balance showbiz success and a stable family life, being in the glam industry comes at a price. Over the years several stars have dumped their regular or less famous spouses for famous people. So who are the people who obviously couldn't resist the pitfalls of the showbiz?

1Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart has never really been a faithful partner. After leaving the mother of his two children Torrei, for the glamorous Eniko, he has reportedly cheated in Eniko too. Though he has tried to make amends and has opened up about his indiscretions, it doesn't make him any less guilty.

Kevin Hart Eniko Parrish

Image Source: hollywoodlife.com


2Brad Pitt


Let's face it, in stardom scale, Angelina Jolie is a much bigger star than Jennifer Aniston and is obviously a lot hotter. Brad Pitt famously left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina after he met her on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith. Sources have said that Brad was actually quite happy with Jennifer before he met Angelina which makes his infidelity even more shocking.

Brad Pitt affairs

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3Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle might be on her way to the Royal family but she has quite a past. She used to be married to a TV producer named Trevor Engelson. In fact, they had been together for more than seven years. But after she got mainstream success and fame owing to her appearance in Suits, problems began to emerge in her and Trevor's relationship. Eventually, she Divorced Trevor in 2013.

Meghan Markle

Image Source: extra.ie


4Jennifer Hudson


Did you know Jennifer Hudson left her teenage sweetheart for another man? Jennifer found some serious success post her movie Golden Girls and Hollywood noticed her unmistakable versatility. Back then she was in a relationship with a man named Payton James whom she had loved since she was 18. But after she found fame she left Payton and married professional wrestler David Otunga. But the marriage didn't last either as Jennifer and David broke up last year.

Jennifer Hudson, James Payton

Image Source: bossip.com


5Robin Williams


Did you know comedy titan Robin Williams left his first wife for a nanny? Robin was married to a woman named Valerie who was a source of constant support to him and helped him with his career. But after he got a taste of success he got involved with their nanny and eventually got her pregnant. He left Valerie and went on to marry the nanny just a year later.

Robin Williams

Image Source: www.whosdatedwho.com


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