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Celebrities Who Had The Odd Jobs Before They Were Famous

By KK Angus, 11 June 2018


Hollywood is all about living fabulously, but not all of showbiz has had the greatest of beginnings in their careers. Every actor and actress has seen their share of struggles, and some of the most successful names in the industry started out with the most mundane jobs. Of course, they all had their own dreams for stardom, but they also wanted to make a living. For instance, do you know Nicki Minaj used to work at Red Lobster as a waitress? Or that Tom Cruise and Chris Pratt were bellhop and waiter respectively?

Celebs have often talked about their humble beginnings. Yes, there are also names like Dakota Johnson and Kate Hudson who have celebrity parents, and yet they have had to undergo a lot of ordeals for their stardom. But some stars have had to earn their living the minimum-wage way. Let’s have a look at the stars who have had the most awful jobs.

1Megan Fox was a banana


Megan Fox might be the most attractive actress in Hollywood right now, with some of the most exciting offers, but she has had quite a terrible livelihood before she entered the industry. Megan started out in the industry very young. But before she made it big, Megan used to work at a smoothie shop in Florida. Though she worked at the register, once a week she had to dress up as a banana to promote the store. And we bet that couldn’t have been pretty for the Transformers actress.

Megan Fox was a banana

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2Brad Pitt was a chicken


You’d think somebody as stellar as Brad Pitt would have been flooded with offers the minute he decided to be a part of Hollywood. But sadly, Brad has had his share of struggles. He was born to working-class parents and quit his university two weeks before graduation, to pursue acting. But in his earlier days, Brad would do some odd jobs to make ends meet. For instance, in his early 20s, he would often dress up as a chicken and stand outside a store, move refrigerators and even drive strippers around the town in limos.

Brad Pitt was a chicken

Image Source: images.askmen.com

3Hugh Jackman was a fitness teacher


Hugh Jackman is a total multitasker. The Wolverine star is one of the fittest stars in Hollywood, and it comes as a surprise to no one that he started earning money as a PE teacher. In the mid-‘80s Hugh worked as an assistant teacher at high school. Considering he is the very epitome of fitness, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Hugh Jackman was a fitness teacher

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4Nicki Minaj was a waitress


You might think Nicki Minaj lives a fabulous life, and she totally does. But the singer did start out with a really terrible job at a bustling eatery. Nicki has revealed that she worked as a waitress at seafood restaurant Red Lobster in the Bronx, and worked there for a while. She was also fired from at least 15 different jobs for being incompetent. Ouch!

Nicki Minaj was a waitress

Image Source: www.billboard.com

5Miley Cyrus used to pick underwear for her dad


Miley Cyrus had the weirdest job as a teenager. As you probably know Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus is a huge country sensation and was, of course, a huge deal in the late ‘90s. Whenever Miley would accompany Billy to his tours, her father would pay her to pick up the women’s underwear fans threw at him during his performance. Miley revealed that he did that to teach Miley how the industry and fame works.

Miley Cyrus used to pick underwear for her dad

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