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Brad Pitt is dating this brilliant professor and Angelina Jolie might be jealous

By KK Angus, 26 April 2018


You'll never believe who Brad Pitt is dating after his separation from Angelina Jolie. Turns out Brad's new girlfriend is a total genius and a celebrated academic. Brad is reportedly dating Israeli-American architect and MIT professor Neri Oxman.  According to sources Brad and Neri are pretty serious about each other and admire each other a lot.

Brad Pitt is dating this brilliant professor and Angelina Jolie might be jealous

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Neri is no ordinary rebound. She is a famous artiste and architect. In fact her works have been praised across the world. Sources close to the actor say that Brad finds Neri very intriguing. Interestingly in the last few years Brad has been trying to establish himself as an art connoisseur. It is no mystery that Brad and Neri have numerous common interests. But who is Neri Oxman? And should Angelina Jolie be jealous?

1Where did they meet?


Reports suggest that Brad and Neri collaborated on an academic project and instantly hit it off over their shared love of architecture and art. Brad had revealed that he loves making things with his hands and is pursuing his artistic instincts.

Where did they meet.

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2Neri is superbly intellectual


Do you know 42-year-old Neri is globally celebrated as an artiste? Not only has she displayed her works at some of the most significant galleries in the world but MoMA curator Paola Antonelli called Neri 'a person ahead of her time.'

Neri is superbly intellectual

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3The Instagram says a lot


A few weeks ago a picture emerged of Brad with some of Neri's MIT students. Though people didn't take notice at first, when Brad and Neri's supposed romance went viral, a lot of questions were raised. Incidentally a picture of Brad and Neri together was also posted  but was later taken down.

The Instagram says a lot

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4She did mention Brad Pitt once


Do you know Neri once mentioned Brad Pitt in one of her interviews but not in the context you think. She was just giving talking about people's perception of her pictures stereotypes. Though this interview was in 2017, it's a pretty telling move.

She did mention Brad Pitt once

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