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Here Are The Avengers Who We Lost In Infinity War

By KK Angus, 1 May 2018


The Marvel Cinematic Universe just turned the tables on us. Not only have they dropped the biggest bombshell of the year with Avengers: Infinity War, but they seem to have even completely blown away their audiences with the twists and turns. The film not only exceeded expectations but also lived up to all its hype albeit at a very heavy cost.

Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th film of the MCU and third Avenger movie. The film is the most ambitious crossover in MCU history as it unites the Avengers with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Wakandian army. The superheroes united to fight the evil alien overlord Thanos which wants to do away with half of the earthly population. But defeating Thanos is not any random feat and the battle claimed the lives of many Avengers. That's right, many Avengers had to surrender their lives at the end of Infinity War. Find out who:

1Spider-Man is no more


The neighbourhood crime fighter had just begun his MCU roll with Spider-Man: Homecoming when Tom Holland took up the mantle of the teenage Spidey. Not only was the superhero a huge favourite among the millennial fans but he was steadily gaining cred as the most successful Cinematic Spider-Man ever. Fans are still coping with the loss of Spidey as he was still a teenager and perhaps the most promising young Avenger.

Spider-Man is no more

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2How did Spidey die?


Spidey had to be sacrificed as a part of Doctor Strange's plan to defeat Thanos. Not only did his passing disturb the young fans but also brought out some very real emotions as fans can't accept that young Spidey is no more. Especially since his last dialogue with Iron Man reveals that he was definitely not ready for this.

How did Spidey die

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3What about Spider-Man 2?


Fans know that Spider-Man Homecoming sequel is in the works. So does spidey's passing mean the film is canned? Not at all. Spider-Man is coming back as he is going to get revived in Avengers 4. In fact, Spider-Man Homecoming 2 is set to be timed only minutes after Avengers 4.

What about Spider-Man 2

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