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The Art of Happiness Involves Three Simple Steps Lying Hidden Within You

By Andrew Alpin, 21 March 2018


In today’s egotistical society, it is common for many to regard depression, panic attacks, mental disorders and anxiety as problems of weak minded people, but that is far from the case, such conditions aren’t a weakness they are just the results of trying your best to cope up with certain situations for too long. Every human’s brain map isn’t the same which is why some people suffer chronic depression and some don’t. It is all because of the thought process where everything in our lives, from the things we do to the material things we own culminated from a single thought.

1The art of contentment and happiness lies within us


The art of staying happy or experiencing some mental contentment lies within us. Just as the famous poet John Milton said “The mind is its own place, it can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven”. 

The art of contentment

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2The mind is where our problems start


The biggest problem with the thought process is that if we allow rotten thoughts to invade our minds then we do rotten things. Today Human beings are so obsessed with oral and physical health that mental health is often neglected. Of course, there is an infinite amount of resources like psychotherapy and psychiatric help along with medication that tries to remedy such problems but how many address the source of the problem. 

where our problems start

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3We take on too much without knowing it


As a society, we take on too much stress without paying attention to our own mental condition. We end up being fodder for such people lapping up the moolah. Everyone knows how costly a psychiatric session is and how addictive is such medication too. It is much like putting a bowl under a leaky ceiling rather than fix the ceiling itself. 

anxiety and stress

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4We are often ashamed of our mental conditions


There is another fact to the widespread cases of depression and mental disorders. Suffering in silence! Many don’t want to speak about it. Many ignore their stress for too long until it snaps. Many are ashamed of such conditions for fear of being labelled a loser, useless, weakling etc.

Moreover, when negative thoughts, stress, and frustration invade our minds, we don’t really do anything about it; we would rather spend huge sums of money correcting our teeth rather than correct our minds. These are the results of a society careless about mental health: hate, anger, anxiety, rage, sadness, jealousy, and the list goes on. That is the direct result of a society struggling to maintain a lifestyle rather than a mind. Where is the solution? 

depression and mental disorders

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