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11 Physical Anxiety Symptoms That Most People Don’t Realize Is a Sign of Anxiety Disorder

By Andrew Alpin, 5 March 2018


Anxiety disorders like panic disorders are conditions that people worldwide suffer from. What adds to the confusion of panic disorders is the lack of knowledge for the reasons of such conditions which may not always be the usual emotional reasons put forward in general. It isn’t really simple to understand anxiety disorders as those suffering from it will know. It isn’t a condition that will just pass away but will attack again and again when the triggers of an attack manifest itself. These are some physical anxiety symptoms that most people don't realize. 

1Anxiety disorders manifest through unusual physical symptoms


What you may not know is the fact that besides being a mental illness, anxiety attacks also manifest themselves through physical symptoms too which many do not recognize and mistake for something else. Anxiety disorders may even mimic some other common physical condition and reading on will give you much insight into better management of an anxiety disorder if you are suffering from them. 

Anxiety disorders

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2Chronic physical conditions may be misleading in case of anxiety disorders


The biggest problem with anxiety disorders is the fact that a victim may think they may be suffering from Asthma, cough, and heart attack or even vertigo and migraine. Such physical symptoms can also become chronic and frightening. However, it can be so when you are caught unawares not realizing the actual problem but when you do know what are the signs to look out for in anxiety symptoms.

difference between stress and anxiety

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3Physical anxiety symptoms are the body’s response mechanism


Anxiety isn’t just unexplained fears; it is the body that starts responding to such a condition in a manner of fight or flight that sends it into overactive mode causing the physical anxiety symptoms which then become difficult to pinpoint what exactly one is suffering from especially when such symptoms show up in unpredictable ways. 

Physical anxiety symptoms

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4Such problems can even confuse doctors


The biggest disadvantage in such a condition is when a victim starts seeing a doctor for conditions not presumably related to anxiety disorder and then ends up being treated for something else. This is when anxiety disorders become hard to diagnose and take years to do so. 

confuse doctors

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