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15 Ways Angelina Jolie Is Trying To Make A Comeback And Sort Her Life Out

By KK Angus, 21 March 2018


Angelina Jolie has had a tough year. She has had to split up from what was the world's most bankable power couple. It's not easy divorcing somebody who you've been with for so long and with whom you have six children. Her divorce with Brad Pitt is still not finalised but Angelina along with her children has turned on a new leaf. From focusing on her work to dipping her feet in the dating pool, Angelina is making the most of her life.



Angelina and her six kids have been seeking the support of therapy since the Brangelina split. It had been revealed that the divorce has affected the children and since they are all young, therapy is of course the way to go. It was also reported that Angelina herself has been benefitting immensely from the counseling sessions.

Angelina and her six kids

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2New mansion


You might get drunk when you need to get over your ex but Angelina, of course, buys a sprawling LA mansion worth $25 million. It was reported that she wanted new surroundings for herself and the kids and the estate proved to be a perfect haven for them post the difficult split.

angelina joli New mansion

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3Her Hollywood life


Angelina wants to make a comeback to mainstream Hollywood. It was revealed that though she is happy with her charity work and documentary filmmaking, she wants to be as big as she once was. She has already started shooting for Maleficent 2 and a couple of other big budget projects are already in the pipeline. Jumping into work is also a way out for her to keep her mind off the divorce proceedings which are no doubt grueling.

angelina jolie hollywood life

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4Her activism


Angelina has immersed herself in activism and charity post her split. From the cause of Cambodian war to the Bosnia rapes and gender inequality issues, Angelina has been travelling the world promoting the causes close to her heart. Her relentless humanitarian work is what sets her apart from the other leading ladies of Hollywood.

Her activism

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5Not trying to stay young


Angelina has revealed recently that she is not trying to reduce wrinkles or trying to stay youthful as she loves watching herself get older. She also said that her older self-reminds her of her mother and it's a warm connection she enjoys.

angelina trying to stay young

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