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15 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie’s Divorce From Brad Pitt Will End Her Fame And Career

By Akanksha Holani, 13 March 2018


There was a time when Angelina Jolie was a huge star and even now she is still headline news but! Things aren’t the same anymore for Angelina Jolie both by way of looks, fame and of course health but what has generated the most news is her separation from Brad Pitt and the breakup of the entity called Brangelina. Even till now there is much hype being generated about the separation and it seems something odd is going on in Jolie’s life and it isn’t something pretty. Since she announced her separations from Brad Pitt, things have taken a turn for the worst where it seems she has lost friends and is being projected as untrustworthy. She isn’t even getting any work and her public image is slowly going down the drain. Here are 15 reasons why Angelina’s divorce from Brad is going to end her fame.

1 She jilted Brad and blamed him for it


From the time the couple announced separation, Jolie blamed Brad for it saying it was because of his substance abuse calling him an alcoholic. Brad has to also try very hard to conceal his children’s private therapy records form going public he referred to Jolie as a woman insane and out of control. As Brad has found out, it isn’t easy to stop Angelina when she wants to throw you beneath a bus. 

She jilted Brad

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2She started a nasty smear campaign against Pitt


Angelina started washing her dirty linen in public exposing Brad Pitt’s personal problems and a nasty smear campaign. She desperately tried getting people on her side and didn’t accept any blame for the divorce. She was too blind to see she was hurting her children and their father too. What seemed false about it was that prior to their divorce she had always been praising Brad for 10 years saying what a wonderful father he was. Her slander campaign has ended up hurting her instead. 

campaign against Pitt

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3Too much Emotional baggage


Jolie is a person who carries along a lot of emotional baggage wherever she goes. She was known to have had the same emotional rollercoaster ride with Billy Bob Thornton as well as a nonexistent relationship with father Jon Voight. She is simply hard to get along with. 

Angelina jolie at oscars

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4She is too difficult to handle


Although she tries to convey to the world that she is a compassionate and worldly person, she is instead the opposite, if you don’t do things her way, it’s the highway for you. She is too difficult to manage and is always on the go so one cannot expect to get rest and sleep while with her. While no one has confirmed this, the fact that no one wants to work with her and that she has few friends speaks a lot. 

difficult to handle

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5Nobody trusts her


There not many people who trust Jolie in Hollywood both on a personal and professional level. She hasn’t had a single movie hit in many years and even her directing stint didn’t turn out well. She thinks too highly of herself and as such, no one in the industry wants to be associated with her. Even though she can claim her status to be that of Hollywood’s royalty. Angelina, of course, sees things differently feeling that people are just plain jealous of her. 

angelina jolie pink dress

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