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A.I Shows Us What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Had No Plastic Surgery

By Christopher Paul, 10 November 2021


Plastic surgeries happen in Hollywood and it is no secret. Many known actors and singers have gone under the knife to alter the way they look. It is either in an attempt to look youthful or stay relevant. This is one of the downsides of the entertainment industry. There are many cases where some of the most naturally beautiful actors have ruined their faces and bodies after going under the knife. Thanks to modern-day technology and A.I we can now look at what some iconic actors and singers would look like today had they not altered their look.

1Dolly Parton


The country singer and godmother to Miley Cyrus is beloved by all her fans thanks to her incredible range and beautiful music but, she has been under the knife. She had multiple surgeries over the ages and has completely ruined her look. Most people called her one of the most beautiful singers back in the day.

2Donatella Versace


She is an Italian fashion designer, businesswoman, socialite, and model. She is the sister of Gianni Versace. Her sister is the founder of the luxury company Versace. Over the years to keep her youth she has gone under the knife and altered the way she looked.



Madonna to this day is known to be the queen of pop. She has reigned over the charts ever since the debut of her singing career. She was known to be America's sweetheart but over the years she has had multiple surgeries on her face to retain her youth.

4Amanda Lepore


She has been a model and singer since she was a kid. She has had surgeries done on every body part of hers. She now is a Jessica Rabbit-meets-Jocelyn-Wildenstein doll. She does not regret any of her work and is proud of the way she feels.


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