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These Actors Endured Pain To Express Real Emotion In The Movie Scene

By Ashish Ranjan, 22 December 2017


Some actors are known to put their best and love to have perfection in their acting. It is also a well-known fact that some of the greatest performances of actors come with real emotions. For actors, it is always a challenge to get under the skin of the character and portray them in best possible way. The best of actors also struggle to liven the character with perfection on-screen. Character’s true personality needs to be portrayed and the best of actors also sometimes find it difficult to portray them.

Actors always want to put their best and forget their surroundings and engross themselves completely in the character. They are engrossed to such a level that they end up hurting themselves. Sometimes, to carry out the emotion in best way possible, they also try to emulate the natural scene and thus get into the position to portray the character close to perfection. Here are few instances where the actors and actresses acted with real emotions:

1Leonardo DiCaprio


During the shooting of movie “Django Unchained,” Leonardo DiCaprio did a scene which was actually real. When the infamous “table scene” was shot, DiCaprio slammed his fist on glass which resulted in injuries to his hand and blood started coming out profusely. Despite getting injured, DiCaprio continued acting and used the cut to actually portray his real pain on the screen. The scene looked close to perfections.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source: qaclip.com

2Jackie Chan


There is no doubt that Jackie Chan is a perfectionist. He has actually seen fair amount of bumps and bruises over the years while shooting for movies. During the shoot of the movie “Rumble In The Bronx,” the famous stunt-actor required to jump from a bridge to a boat. During the act, he broke his finger, fractured his ankle and injured his legs. The scene looks real and it is only Jackie Chan who knew what it took to do this real act.

Jackie Chan

Image Source: brightside.me

3Sylvester Stallone


During the shoot of the movie “First Blood,” a rock climbing scene was to be performed by a stuntman. But, the actor refused the stuntman to perform the act. He decided to do the act himself. In the process, Stallone broke his ribs. However, given the fact that he is a champion himself, he continued the act despite his injury.

Sylvester Stallone

Image Source: www.bam.org


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