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10 Reasons Why Beards Make Men More Attractive

By Andrew Alpin, 15 April 2022


What’s the point of beards? According to a survey conducted by the beard-care company Honest Amish, men have higher self-assurance when they have beards. According to the survey results, one out of every five males would forego making love for a whole year just to grow the perfect beard. The results of this poll may be accurate since men’s facial hair is all the rage on social media.

Facial hair may not be a top priority for most men, but that doesn’t mean the majority of them aren’t interested in growing a good beard. Male facial hair is viewed by males the same way as women view their hairstyles, body weight, and skin- as “bodily assets.” In a sense, facial hair can even boost a man’s self-esteem. How a little facial hair may alter a man’s self-perception is really fascinating.

What does science say about bearded men? Psychologists have studied this phenomenon and have explained why beards are so crucial to male identity. Their findings are as follows:

1 It’s an indication of manliness


Society has indeed evolved, but the importance of manliness, at least in the views of many men, has not. For some men, a beard represents their power and domination over their spheres of influence. It bolsters their confidence and self-assurance, similar to how armour protects a soldier.

It’s an indication of manliness

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2 Men with beards feel more macho


The truth is looks can be deceptive. Men may perceive themselves as more aggressive because of their facial hair, but this isn’t always the case. According to psychologist and author Mark Travers, PhD, Beards have a duality to them. These men may appear more intimidating, but a grin can mitigate this and make them appear more trustworthy and helpful than those without facial hair would be. Based on these data, it’s hardly surprising that guys feel more macho when they sport a beard. Men’s attitudes toward beards can be influenced by how society views them as more macho.

Men with beards feel more macho

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3 Beards make men appear intimidating


A Darwinian theory suggests that beards may have been used as a form of intimidation in ancient times. It was a sign of authority, strength, social standing, or even financial success. Nowadays, even while it doesn’t always equal all of that, it provides the impression of it, which is what really matters.

Beards make men appear intimidating

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