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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Had Their Smartphone Hacked

By Andrew Alpin, 5 March 2017


4 Scarlett Johansson

Ever since she appeared in home alone 3, Johansson lit up Hollywood and became a superstar, we all know and associate her with agent Romanov in the avengers franchise and can we get enough of her. It seems nit. When leaked images of Scarjo hit the net, she wasn’t too happy about it. Since then she has sworn off social media even though the images weren’t as revealing as some of the scenes she has shot for various intimate films. The images that appeared were blurry and of poor quality, so luckily for Scarjo, that was no big deal.

Scarlett Johansson

Image Source: www.imgur.com

3 Ariana Grande

Arana Grande doesn’t really have a good reputation as a person in showbiz. It’s most likely that her hacked images were a result of a malicious attack on her. Grande maintained d that the leaked images weren’t her. She was victimized for the leaks but never really admitted to them. Grand was once busted when she was caught n CCTV spitting on a donut in a donut shop.

Ariana Grande

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com

2 Emma Watson

This cutey of course needs no introduction because of her constant appearance in the Harry Potter franchise. She will soon be seen in “Beauty and the Beast” and makes a pretty picture as beauty. It seems though the prim and proper Mrs. Watson given the righteous actions of speaking out for equal women’s rights set herself up as a prime target for hackers. She did have some revealing stuff of herself on her Smartphone which is natural but the hacking was regarded as a crime no less.

Emma Watson

Image Source: http://www.hellomagazine.com

1 Jessica Alba

Among celebrities with hacked smart phones, this is one of the cutest and we loved her in the fantastic four. What lured hackers to reveal her candid images was paparazzi shoot of her on a beach. However leaked photos of her soon began to appear but surprisingly though the shots weren’t that objectionable because where Alba is concerned she always looks good. Whether it was the shot of her pushing a stroller in yoga pants or others, they made her look cool and at the most it was considered an invasion of privacy.

Jessica Alba

Image Source: www.blackvibes.com


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