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Meet The Woman Who Gets Mistaken For Meghan Markle Four Times A Day

By KK Angus, 14 June 2018


Meghan Markle has already started her Royal duties as a newly crowned Duchess, and is all set to take her first tour with the Queen. And as the Duchess of Sussex settles into her fabulous new life nicely, it’s time to look at her commoner lookalikes. Because her doppelgangers are stacking up. A certain woman who looks so much like Meghan says that she is mistaken to be Prince Harry’s wife every single day. That too, several times a day.

A woman named Danielle Harris who hails from Arizona is a total Meghan Markle twin, and soon after the Duchess started seeing Prince Harry, people started to notice Danielle too. Danielle, who is also a married woman says that she is mistaken to be Meghan Markle at least four times a day. Though that seems a bit excessive, Danielle’s resemblance to Meghan must not be ignored.

1The Duchess is here


Meghan Markle is winning England as the new Duchess of Sussex. Recently back from their honeymoon, Harry and Meghan are making a lot of headlines with their public outings. Very recently, Meghan stunned everybody when she attended the Queen’s birthday celebrations in a flirty blush pink dress and a hat. Needless to say, Meghan overshadowed Kate Middleton and impressed the fashion police.

The Duchess is here

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2She is impressing the Queen


It is important to note that Meghan is garnering some serious love from her Royal family members. Not only is she pretty chummy with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, but Meghan is also gearing up for a trip with the Queen herself. Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan are headed to Cheshire soon, but without Prince Harry.

She is impressing the Queen

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3Meet Danielle Harris


Danielle has been making news headlines all on her own. Danielle looks exactly like the new Duchess and obviously people ask her about it. Though Danielle who is 33-year-old, is a few years younger than Meghan, her resemblance to her is uncanny. From her hair to her nose, Danielle could get a job as a Meghan Markle lookalike.

Meet Danielle Harris

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4When did she know?


Danielle reveals that she noticed her likeness to Meghan around four years ago, much before Meghan even met Prince Harry. Back then Meghan was just an actress on Suits, and though she was famous she wasn’t as insanely popular. Danielle wouldn’t ever have imagined her famous lookalike would be a Duchess in a few years.

When did she know?

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5When it all started


Danielle says that her own brush with fame started when Meghan first started seeing Prince Harry in 2016. Though the couple tried their best to keep their relationship on the down-low, people were obviously in the know. That’s when Danielle realised that she is in for some serious fame.

When it all started

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